Dahlia Aguilar, Principal
3205 S. Dakota Ave.
Brownsville, TX 78521
(956) 698-1597

"As you leave Lopez Early College High School, I am compelled to ask each of you to look beyond the graduation ceremony and the diploma you have righteously earned.  Look at what you leave behind.  What you leave behind is just as important as what you do next in life.  You have struggled, you have overcome, and you have triumphed to become the proud young men and ladies crossing the stage on the way to fulfill the dreams and aspirations you have known in your hearts. I ask you, what do you leave at Lopez ECHS, what is your legacy?  Your legacy is the ‘how’ you will be remembered by the underclassmen at Lopez.  It is your footprints on the sand that stay long after you put away the cap and gown. Take time to think on what I ask each and every one of you.  What kind of student were you?  What did you contribute to promote a positive and compassionate school culture? How did you make your school proud? No matter where life takes you; no matter what you choose to do with the opportunities given you through your years at Lopez, you will always leave your footprint.  Make it count.  That is my challenge to you, Lopez ECHS graduates. What will be your next legacy? Make it count."

  - Dahlia Aguilar -